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2013 RE-CAP

final 2

2013 was a great year, although the ups and downs as usual we hold steady as 2013 tappers of into the upcoming 2014, DAGRAPHIXX definitely has crawled through some beginning stages of operation. This year we have purchased our first two machines for in-house manufacturing which led to our first printed “Winter” collection and the photo shoot which created one of my favorite AD’s above.

We also had other great outside projects this year as we where commissioned to paint a mural for a batting cage business store front, a local church commissioned mural as well as design summer t-shirts for the “Roots” during one of the biggest summer events in Philly, “The Roots Picnic”.

We also have made some great affiliations and business deals which are still in the works from 2013 that will carry over to 2014, which we can not wait to share once all the “T’s” are crossed and we have dotted all of our “I’s” on those deals.

I’m greatly impressed with our progress, next year we do see as a challenge but we can not wait to conquer whatever is to come.

DA-Winter collection

wordpress DA - BOOK AD

Not only have we flushed out our winter collection closing this 2013 we have begun to assemble our team, “TEAM DAGRAPHIXX”….Stick around as we formulate and operate this brand and follow us step by step in real-time post @DAGRAPHIXX on twitter…

FB2-DA snow flakes

Check out what we are doing this winter at our twitter page @DAGRAPHIXX as we update you on our progress of new releases, photo shoot updates and new concepts in the design process.



We are almost there. For a long time we have been in the process of identifying what it is that we do, who “DAGRAPHIXX” is and what direction we would take. The pivotal moment is close. We are in the end process of collecting and packaging everything to deliver to the world and make our place in reality. Stay tuned to celebrate our first home, our website which is coming soon!


(DA) Skully HeadWear


Today was just a good day for inspiration and we took a leap to design around form and function. Winter is coming soon and the weather for good old reliable skullies and warm headgear is close so we began to concept and design what you see here. This is just the digital concept so stay tuned to see the full layout and printed versions of this product that will be accessible by our bigcartel.com

DA.GRAPHIXX Local collaboration

The beauty at DA.GRAPHIXX is we only don’t just design for ourselves we collaborate with local freelance opportunities. Check out this fun project we recently completed to animate a portrait of rapper Mayne Event also known as @Mayne for promotional purposes. We hope you enjoy this fun project and we will Talk to you soon.

For any quotes on a job you may want DA.GRAPHIXX to fulfill please email us at DA.GRAPHIXX@gmail.com.Image

What’s your COLOR? Campaign

Over the days DA.GRAPHIXX has been brainstorming concepts of possible campaigns to move forward with to help release the grand opening of our BigCartel.com e-commerce store. This is a fun concept we thought could be an interactive concept with our DA.GRAPHIXX fans where this campaign could run, track and receive comments from people all over our social media platforms. Fans would be encouraged let us know their favorite color. We then would release our first apparel design reflecting the most prominent mentioned color at a limited time promotion price.